sofie with red stuffed animal

10-year-old Sofie attends the Immanuel Student Center near Bandung, Indonesia. Christmas is her favorite holiday, but it is not widely celebrated where she lives.

Sofie learned all about Christmas and Jesus’ birth at her child development center. Each year, staff members organize a Christmas celebration where the children and their families sing songs, listen to Christmas stories and eat together. At the end of the celebration, each child is presented with a gift.

As the Christmas season approaches, Sofie and the other children at the center begin practicing carols. Sofie loves to sing, and she and her friends like to travel through their village spreading cheer through singing Christmas carols. "Last year we visited and sang at an orphanage. 'Jingle Bells' is my favorite song to sing," she says with a smile.

Sofie playing in the ally
Sofie with her family