David reading his bible

This year, 11-year-old David will be attending a Christmas celebration at his child development center with his entire family.

In the past, David attended these celebrations alone. He attended every activity at the center, grateful to be away from his home. His father’s operated a drug ring out of their house in Fortaleza, Brazil, and the church had become the only place he felt safe.

David learned how to pray at the center, and everyday he prayed for this father. “I used to get on my knees to pray for his life and also for the people he would hurt,” says David.

Slowly, as David shared with his family what he was learning at the center, they began to listen. The last to believe was David’s father, but after a dangerous altercation, he finally listened to David and decided to follow Christ.

Now, instead of ignoring Christmas, David’s father spends this time of year spreading the message of Jesus. For Christmas this year, David is hoping for a nice set of clothes he can wear while spreading God’s Word with his father. He is also looking forward to walking to the church with his father, mother and siblings, and singing Christmas songs with them.

David with his family
David playing with a ball