Compassion Event Volunteer Roles

Compassion Event Volunteer Roles
Table Volunteer

Help event attendees fill out the Sponsorship Signup Form and answer basic questions about Compassion and child sponsorship.

This role also gives volunteers the opportunity to share about personal experiences with Compassion child sponsorship (e.g., letter writing, photos, international trip experiences, etc.).

Handout Volunteer

Pass out Compassion child sponsorship packets during an event. A "Packet Pass" generally happens at a designated time during the Compassion presentation, with volunteers walking throughout crowds and aisles to hand child packets to event attendees.

Haiti VR Experience Volunteer

The Haiti VR (Virtual Reality) Experience is an exciting way for people to hear (and see!) more about Compassion's work to release children from poverty in Jesus' name. Guests will experience the story of a Compassion alumni—told by that alumni—while journeying virtually with that same alumni through the streets and homes of Haiti!

As a volunteer, you will help greet guests, help launch them in their virtual experience, aide in resetting devices, help with filling out the Sponsorship Signup Form, and answer basic questions about Compassion and Child Sponsorship.

Compassion Experience Volunteer

The Compassion Experience is a groundbreaking, interactive and immersive way of educating people about the plight of the 1 billion poor around the world. Created by Compassion to bring extreme global poverty to the U.S., the Compassion Experience invites visitors on a sensory journey through the lives of impoverished children that have completed Compassion’s sponsorship program.

As a volunteer, you will help set people up with devices and headsets, help people fill out the Sponsorship Signup Form and answer basic questions about Compassion and child sponsorship.

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Set Up Volunteer

Assist with setting up Compassion table(s)/booth(s), any accompanying displays, sorting child packets and preparing for Compassion’s involvement in the event.

Tear Down Volunteer

Assist with tearing down Compassion table(s)/booth(s) and any accompanying displays for return to Compassion.

Phone Representative

Answer phone calls from radio marathon listeners wanting to sponsor a child and fill out the specialized radio sponsorship response form.

VIP Entrance Volunteer

This role serves as the first point of contact for Compassion volunteers at some partnered events in large venues.


Please call us at (800) 336-7676, Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. MT, to speak with a Compassion representative. You can also email us here.