A Dream Fulfilled

A Dream Fulfilled

With a passion for mathematics but no money for school, Roni’s dreams of working for IBM seemed more like a fairy tale. Roni has always loved math and dreamed of working in electronics one day. But his parents were very poor and couldn’t afford to send him to the private schools that would give him the education he needed to successfully enter his field of choice.

Then Roni was registered into the Ceproint Student Center and things began to change. The training he received at the center helped him focus more on his studies. With help from the center staff and the pastor of the Rey de Reyes Peruvian Evangelical Church, who administers the program, Roni developed a passion for studying and made great strides toward his goal. Then, a setback.

While he was still in high school, Roni’s parents divorced and he moved far from the Compassion center. But he persevered and made the long trip to continue attending Ceproint Student Center until he graduated. His determination paid off when he was accepted into Compassion’s Leadership Development Program and sent to college, where he graduated with a degree in electrical engineering! Roni now works as a network manager, monitoring servers and networks for IBM.

"One of my dreams while still attending college was to work for IBM,” he says. “And now my dream has come true.” "I am so thankful to my church pastor, who was also my mentor, and to all the project staff for being so kind to me and taking their time and effort to help me," says Roni. “Compassion developed in me a passion for learning.

If they hadn’t supported me through the Leadership Development Program, I never could have gone as far as I have now.” And Roni is just getting started. "Right now I am ready to study systems engineering at a private university located close to where I work,” says Roni. “I’m also partnering with a fellow LDP graduate to start a coffee exporting business. My dreams are becoming reality, thanks to Compassion and the Leadership Development Program!”