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Christian Discipleship

Regular Bible training and encouragement through a local church committed to Christ and its community.

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Nutritious Food

We partner with local churches to implement health and nutrition initiatives for sponsored children.

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Clean Water

No Compassion-assisted child has to drink contaminated water or use unacceptable sanitation facilities.

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Medical Care

Sponsorship allows children access to the best medical treatment available, regardless of cost.

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Education Assistance

Sponsorship covers the cost of school fees, clothing, and supplies and provides additional tutoring.

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Jobs Skills Training

Vocational training prepares children to find stable and fulfilling jobs as adults.


What you will receive through your sponsorship.

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A Pen Pal

Letters to and from your child will allow you to learn about each other's lives and share prayer requests and encouragement.

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Photos Of Your Child

Watch your child grow through photos shared from your child's Compassion Center.

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Updates/Prayer Requests

You will receive regular prayer requests for your child and information on local crises that affect them.