Compassion International is proud to present Rejoice, a livestream Christmas concert with Christy Nockels on December 9th!

Sponsor a child through Compassion International here, and you’ll receive a ticket into not just Christy Nockels’ Rejoice livestream, but also to THREE additional Rejoice Christmas livestream concerts featuring Rhett Walker, Travis Cottrell, and Matt Maher!

It’s our thank you for providing hope to a child in need this Christmas.

Sponsor for access to:

Rhett Walker - 12/2
Christy Nockels - 12/9
Travis Cottrell - 12/16
Matt Maher - 12/18

*If the dates above don’t work for you, on-demand viewing will be available for each individual stream through the month of December. You must sponsor a child through Compassion International on this specific page to gain access to all Rejoice Livestreams. Access via sponsorship will be available on this page through 11:59PM CT on December 22, 2021. If you choose not to sponsor at this time, you may purchase a ticket to these events at this link instead.


*Sponsor a child through this page and you’ll receive a livestream ticket to all four rejoice events, with Matt Maher, Christy Nockels, Rhett Walker, and Travis Cottrell. The tax-deductible amount after your second month of child sponsorship payments will be $34.00, which is the difference of your monthly sponsorship payment ($38/month) and the approximate fair market value of this offer ($80). Please enter an email address upon sponsorship to ensure you receive all ticketing details.

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Without a sponsor, these children will not have what they need to thrive. They may feel alone. They may feel like no one cares for them. Or that the Lord doesn’t care for them.

For $38/month, you will provide a child in poverty with:
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that unlocks the potential within their heart

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to fight back against disease and sickness

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through a local church to overcome fear and hopelessness