Get ready for The Praise Party Virtual Experience! Join Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago for the ultimate virtual concert celebration, guaranteed to lift your spirit and have you dancing and singing around your home. This experience will be an interactive gospel music celebration for the entire family. Prepare to sing, laugh, and dance for God. Experience some of your favorite songs and brand-new music from one of gospel music’s biggest artists.

Access to The Praise Party Experience has now been closed, but you can still partner with Charles in the mission of releasing children from poverty, in Jesus’ name, by sponsoring a child below.

"It's so exciting to partner with Compassion for this event. It has been my honor to serve as an ambassador for Compassion helping to change the lives of children around the world for many years. We will praise and party with a purpose, with an opportunity to change children's lives forever. I want to thank Compassion for being a part of The Praise Party Experience. I look forward to God getting the glory and children getting so much goodness." - Charles Jenkins

*If July 11th doesn’t work for you, on-demand viewing will be available through July 18th. You must sponsor a child through Compassion International on this specific page to gain access to the VIP Meet & Greet. Sponsorship on this page will be available through 11:59pm CT on July 9, 2021. You may gain General Admission access to the livestream (without VIP Meet & Greet) by purchasing an event ticket at this link.


*Please enter an email address upon sponsorship to ensure you receive all details. Sponsor a child through this page between now and July 9th, and receive access to Charles Jenkins’ Praise Party Virtual Experience and VIP Thank You Reception. Offer is valid through July 9th. The tax-deductible amount after your first month of child sponsorship payments will be $26, which is the difference of your monthly sponsorship payment ($38/month) and the approximate fair market value of this offer ($12).

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Compassion LIVE, established in 2014 by Compassion International, provides the highest quality events for families to join together and grow with others in faith. Compassion LIVE partners with impact-making leaders, artists and communicators to produce life-changing events that share the message of faith and impact the Church for children around the world.


Without a sponsor, these children will not have what they need to thrive. They may feel alone. They may feel like no one cares for them. Or that the Lord doesn’t care for them.

For $38/month, you will provide a child in poverty with:
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that unlocks the potential within their heart

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to fight back against disease and sickness

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through a local church to overcome fear and hopelessness