Thank you letter

Writing a thank you letter isn't always the easiest thing to do. A mother from Rwanda felt that she had to express her thankfulness for a Compassion-assisted project. This thank you letter shows you how the lives of her family were changed.

A Letter of Thankfulness
A Rwandan Mother Shares Her Gratitude for Compassion Water of Life
A Letter of Thankfulness

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

My son and I, Karubibi Beitrida, are so thankful to you and particularly to the center supported by Compassion International who help us in many aspects of life.

We are so thankful to the Compassion staff who gave us water filters to purify our drinking water. We used to drink dirty water and suffered from water-borne diseases. We were constantly going for medical treatment for those water-borne diseases. But ever since we got the water filters and started drinking safe water we are free from such diseases. It was so difficult for us to get enough money to buy firewood for our cooking and then have some to spare for boiling drinking water. We therefore used to drink dirty water.

However, the water filters we received have benefited us a lot because even the community around can receive safe drinking water from our homes and the water-borne diseases are now a thing of the past!

As for myself, the head of the family, I used to suffer from kidney failure and the doctors asked me to drink two liters of water every day. It is very difficult for me to afford firewood for the cooking and have some to spare for boiling water. This was a big problem for me, but now I am blessed to have a water filter that cleans our drinking water.

Of the many things that pleased my heart about Compassion, the greatest is paying school fees for my son and the second is getting this water filter! When it rains I use the buckets to collect rainwater and then filter it for drinking. Normally, rainwater makes me cough but these buckets are amazing!

This does not just benefit my family, but the whole community around us. We also get the chance to talk about the Word of God to those who come for the drinking water, which has brought many to become born-again Christians. So the water filter not only serves the body but also the souls of the people in the community around us.

May the Lord God bless all those who took part in the process of giving us these water filters!

God bless you!

With love,
Karubibi Beitrida