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My Teacher, My Advocate

  |   Posted: September 04, 2018

The children in the Karen tribe in Thailand never knew the importance of education until teachers and staff from Compassion's project started pouring into their lives. And that investment is inspiring them to dream about the future!

Meet the students below who are being deeply impacted by this partnership with Compassion and the local school.

students in a school classroom

When a school was finally built in the Huai Num Khaw village, the Compassion center saw the local Compassion church partner began operating a hostel so teens could avoid the long journey from home to school.

And it’s working!

a Achipol Samhor

"I like my math teacher because this teacher is very reliable and passionate on teaching the subject with details and a clear explanation when it comes to complex formulas, which is very helpful."

— Achipol Samhor, 15 years old, tenth grade

Thanyarat Nattayanon

"I like my science teacher because she is a funny person and make me laugh a lot in class during her teaching. She makes a subject really fun and that made me enjoy my science class so much. A good teacher is a teacher who can make students laugh, who has a sense of humor in teaching, and doesn’t hurt student’s feelings in class when they find it hard to understand the subject. A good teacher helps us not to stress."

— Thanyarat Nattayanon, 13 years old, eighth grad

Kidsana Obgarrun

"My favorite subject is math because it’s fun in class; the teacher makes class enjoyable and I did well with a good grade for this subject. And I like English also because the teacher is good and makes it fun in class. They both are my favorite teachers, too!”

— Kidsana Obgarrun, 14 years old, ninth grade

Sadudee Jedarunlerk

"My favorite teacher is Karn, who teaches history. I like that class because the teacher is a very funny person and always kind. A good teacher is a fun, funny and very active person."

— Sadudee Jedarunlerk, 10 years old, sixth grade