July 2013 Sponsor eNews - Compassion International

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July 2013 Sponsor eNews


It Works: Watch Claire's Story

Growing up in the Philippines, Claire had little stability. See how she now helps children find peace in the midst of poverty.


An Orphan Moves From Revenge to Reconciliation

Orphaned during the genocide in Rwanda, Methode was intent on revenge. Read how he found peace and healing through his sponsor and Compassion.

i-now-care-for-the-man-who-abused me-landing-page

"I now care for the man who abused me."

Indian student cares for her father's physical needs — the same father who once abused her. Here is Maggie's story, in her own words


A Father's Love

When Somporn lost his wife, he had no idea how he would raise their infant son alone. See how this brave father found help from the Child Survival Program.


A Letter of Thankfulness

Read a letter from a mother in Africa whose entire family's life was changed by Compassion Water of Life.


An Army of Supporters

The fight against HIV can be an isolating one. Read how one little boy had a whole family of supporters who helped him to live again.


Overcoming Obstacles to Health and Healing

Abandoned by his parents because of his physical needs, Kevin's health was a source of constant fear for his grandmother. Read how the Medical Fund lifted that burden.

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What Is Poverty

Many look at poverty as a lack of money and physical resources. But it's much more than that. Take a look at Compassion's focus on the spiritual, economic, social and physical needs of the children we serve.


Why Children Matter

Compassion is child-focused — but why? This video explores God's heart toward His children, and you can learn about Compassion's strategic mission to children in poverty.