September 2018 Sponsor eNews - Compassion International

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September 2018 Sponsor eNews
Achipol Samhor
My Teacher, My Advocate

The children in the Karen tribe in Thailand never knew the importance of education — until Compassion! Finally, these children have advocates in Compassion staff and their teachers. And that investment is inspiring them to dream about the future!

A mom holding her baby
Take the "Compassion Mom" Quiz

As the sponsor of a toddler, you get to partner with a mom who is doing the hard work of raising a child in a developing country! Take our quiz and learn some of the same lessons mothers of babies in our program are leaning!

Georgina: The Trailblazer

Georgina, a Compassion-assisted student living in Ghana, wants to change how sponsors communicate with the children they sponsor. She’s using her drive and a degree in computer engineering to strengthen the bond between Ghanaian children and their sponsors!

Soccer — More than a Game for Children in Poverty

To battle gang recruitment in one of the most dangerous cities in Honduras, a Compassion center starts a soccer program to keep kids safe. Adonay and Angel, two brothers, have found a place of refuge from the violence of their neighborhood.

Fifteen Compassion Alumni Share About Life After Sponsorship

We know child sponsorship works, but don’t just take our word for it. These Compassion grads are tangible proof that the cycle of poverty can be broken … one empowered youth at a time.

How Do You Get to School?

This powerful piece in Explorer, our website for kids, tells the story of kids in the Philippines and how they used to swim across a dangerous river just to get to school. But see how Compassion helped change that journey!