June 2018 Sponsor eNews - Compassion International

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June 2018 Sponsor eNews
A smiling boy colors a picture of a heart
Father to the Fatherless

What can bring hope to a little boy who feels lost and alone? Read about this beautiful, surprising source of healing for 7-year-old Justin!

A man hugs his sponsored boy
Your Sponsorship Goes Mobile

Three sponsors recently went on a Compassion Sponsor Trip to Uganda, and now they’re using the Compassion App to continue to build a relationship with their sponsored children!/p>

"When I saw David, everything changed."

A baby born with severe physical disabilities becomes a source of joy for his entire family. See how the Survival program helped support David and his family.

Loving Franklin

Franklin’s poor health affected every part of his development. But his Compassion tutor was dedicated to showing the scared boy that the church was a safe place.

Adam's Purpose

Adam grew up surrounded by political unrest that plagues his home country of the Philippines. See how Compassion helped him discover his purpose in battling violent extremism through social media.

Letters Bring Hope

You will never know how much your words matter.