Donation Form Userguide

Donation Form Userguide

Advocates and sponsors may now print out a donation form for use during fundraising events for Compassion International. Download the multi-fund donation form. As you can see, most of the form is for the donor to complete; your Advocate information is needed only in the bottom right- hand box:

  • Advocate Name
  • Source Code (GE-OT) 
  • Advocate Number

After you print the form, fill in your Advocate information in the box on the bottom right-hand side of the form. If you are a sponsor, you may leave this box blank. If you are using the form to donate to a specific fund, check the box to the left of the fund. Now you are ready to make copies of the donation form for your event.

If donors would like a tax receipt from Compassion, they must fill out a donation form. Please attach their money to their form. If you collect cash and no receipt is needed, you can send the cash (preferably in a money order) and fill out the donation form as "ANONYMOUS" in the donor information section. Please attach the money order to the donation form. IRS asks that you do not put the cash in your personal account and write a check from your personal account for this money. If the donation is being collected by a church, send a check from the church and they will receive a receipt for the total money donated. In that case, complete the donor information with the church's name and address.

In order to safely track the return of the donations and the sensitive information on the completed donation forms sent to Compassion International's office in Colorado Springs, you MUST use the KIT01. The KIT01 (Kit-zero-1) has been updated to include a tear-resistant FedEx shipping envelope and a prepaid traceable return shipping label. Order this Kit by using the Advocate Resource Order Form. We suggest you keep two or three of these KIT01s on hand at all times.

In order to return your donations to Compassion, you MUST take the envelope to a FedEx drop box or store location. To see your nearest drop or store location, please view the FedEx Web site.

If you wish to receive Advocate credit for your event, notify your Area Coordinator (AC) of the date and type of fundraising event you have completed. When your AC forwards this activity information on to your region's Specialist, an activity credit will be logged into your Advocate data file.


Please call us at (800) 336-7535, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT, to speak with a Compassion Advocate representative.

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