Why Do a Study on Child Sponsorship?

Bruce Wydick explains that former Compassion sponsored children are more likely to finish secondary and university education than their non-sponsored peers.

Why Do a Study on Child Sponsorship?
Video Transcript

Why conduct a study on child sponsorship?

“So one of the reasons we were interested in looking at child sponsorship is that we estimate that there’s about $3.3 billion going into child sponsorship every year, and you could compare this to, say, the $8 billion the represents the U.S. government budget line for USAID. Or the $2.9 billion that goes for development assistance from the U.S. government.

“These numbers are comparable to these larger numbers that the U.S. government is spending on development aid, yet nobody had actually done a study on child sponsorship to see if it is effective. This was one of our motivations for doing the study.”

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