What this Research Means for Possible Sponsors

Dr. Bruce Wydick explains that the impact of giving is often overlooked but is very important. This research shows that Compassion International is having a positive impact on the lives of children in poverty.

What this Research Means for Possible Sponsors
Video Transcript

For someone who is considering sponsoring a child through Compassion, what should this research tell them?

“I think that people give to poverty organizations and and organizations working with people in poverty for many different reasons. Sometimes all of us can fall into the trap of giving to these organizations in order to make ourselves feel better or feel less guilty about being rich in a world where there is so much poverty.

“Sometimes the actual impact on the recipient of the organizations services or whatever the organization is providing, sometimes the impact on them is overlooked, at times, in favor of the feeling we get from our giving.

“I think that what this data shows that was collected by so many people in these 6 countries and that we’ve worked with, is that there is a positive impact from this program.”

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