The Impact of Developing Children's Aspirations and View of Themselves

Dr. Bruce Wydick explains investing directly in children helps them develop aspirations, healthy self-esteem and spiritual awareness.

The Importance of Investing Directly in Children
Video Transcript

Why do you think Compassion’s program has such a significant impact on a child’s education, employment and leadership?

“I think one thing that the paper points to is the importance of investing in children directly. I think, as I’ve gone through the last 5 years of this research, one thing that I’ve learned personally is that...

“Economists have focused traditionally on relieving external constraints: if people don’t have education, then we build a school; if people are in poor health, then we build a clinic or a hospital or we provide a doctor; if they need a loan, then we provide a micro-finance institution.

“But it may not be all about relieving these external constraints, that some of the most important constraints that the poor may face are internal constraints. I think the Compassion program, almost uniquely among the organizations that I’ve worked with, works on these issues of aspirations development for individual people and helping build people’s self-esteem, their spiritual relationship with God. Things that may be just as important or maybe more important - we don’t know yet - are likely to be very important in helping shape their adult life outcomes maybe as much as these external constraints.”

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