The Impact of Developing Children's Aspirations and View of Themselves

Dr. Bruce Wydick explains that the development of children's self-esteem and aspirations are aspects that make Compassion's program so impactful.

The Impact of Developing Children's Aspirations and View of Themselves
Video Transcript

What is it about Compassion’s program that leads to these type of findings?

“We ask what happens during this program. A lot of it seemed to be in the development of the children’s self-esteem and helping to shape the views of their own self-efficacy, which just means their own view of their own capabilities and their own potential, and helping to shape their aspirations and life goals.

“Sometimes in psychology and economics we talk about things about being reference points. They’re focal points that when people think about their own lives they think of certain goals or things that they ought to be achieving in life, and often for impoverished people these are very low because the look around themselves and they see people only finishing primary school or people as they become adults only working in agriculture - which is fine, but you would hope that people would be able to develop a broader array of aspirations that would fully make use of the gifts that they’ve been given to server other.

“We looked at the Compassion programming and saw that this is a really key aspect of it.”

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