Wimper Sanchez
Video Transcription

"In a country where gang violence kills hundreds of adolescents a year, Wimper Sanchez emerged from a life steeped in poverty, crime, and violence. He grew up in the gang ridden life section of Ecuador. His environment did everything possible to make sure he believed this lie, 'You don't matter.' - Wess Stafford, Compassion President Emeritus

"I came from a very poor community where the people die in gangs. The families disintegrate. There is prostitution, hunger…and I want to be a part of the transformation of my community." - Wimper Sanchez, Former Compassion-assisted Child

"At age six Wimper entered the Compassion Sponsorship Program. He was connected with a caring sponsor and supported by a local church in all aspects of life. After being drawn into a life of crime in a gang he later came to knew Jesus at age 16. Because he received individual attention from his local church his leadership potential was recognized by his teachers. Wimper graduated at the top of class and was accepted into Compassion's Leadership Development Program. Now he is a university graduate realizing his god-given potential." - Wess Stafford, Compassion President Emeritus

"Thanks to Compassion's support he is a teacher in a small theological school that we have and gives excellent lessons. Even the students admire him for his presentations, his intellect, and for the fear he has to teach the Word of God." - Anibal Zabala, Wimper's mentor

"Wimper is also a pastor who has turned his attention toward to the very same high-risk kids whose ranks he once occupied." - Wess Stafford, Compassion President Emeritus

"Compassion International has been God's hand in my life. And I will always say that Compassion International is God's hand in Ecuador." - Wimper Sanchez

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