Nicaragua Gallery

Nicaragua Gallery
  • Young boys praying

    Young children pray together at a Compassion child development center in Nicaragua. Compassion's implementing church partners present the Gospel to children in a non-coercive, culturally sensitive way. Children do not have to make a commitment to Christ to continue receiving the benefits of Compassion’s program.

  • Church

    This large cathedral is located in Leon City, Nicaragua. Nicaragua does not have a state religion, but the Roman Catholic Church is the most politically active religious denomination and has significant political influence. Approximately 80 percent of the population of Nicaragua is Christian, including 58 percent who are Roman Catholic and 21 percent who are Evangelical.

  • Church

    The sun sets behind a church in Leon City, Nicaragua. Compassion began working in Nicaragua in 1974 and currently assists more than 41,000 children in over 150 child development centers. Compassion partners with local churches to provide Nicaraguan children with the opportunity to rise above their circumstances and become all God created them to be.

  • Yeral Reynaldo Narvaez ULLOA

    Yeral Reynaldo Narvaez Ulloa (center) is eight years old. He and his family sit in their home reading a letter from his sponsor. Yeral enjoys playing soccer, and his favorite subject in school is math. There is a problem with drugs in his neighborhood, but Compassion's program in Nicaragua provides a safe place for Yeral to study and play with his friends. Through Compassion, he has received medical care, clothing and shoes.

  • Edid Elizabeth Moncada Gonzalez

    Edid Elizabeth Moncada Gonzalez is eight years old. Though she lives in poverty, she has hope for her future. Elizabeth is registered with Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program in Nicaragua, which is helping support her through education, medical care, nutritious food, love and encouragement.

  • Tatiana Isarahela Hernandez Calero

    Meet seven-year-old Tatiana Isarahela Hernandez Calero. She lives in Nicaragua with her mom, dad, brother and grandparents. Tatiana's father makes shoes for about US$5 per week, but it isn't enough to support the family. Thanks to Tatiana's Compassion sponsor, she is able to participate in the program at her local church, which provides her with nutritious food, medical care, educational opportunities and encouragement.

  • Men riding a horse drawn cart

    Two men ride in a horse-drawn cart in Nicaragua, which is the poorest country in Central America and the second poorest in the Western Hemisphere. The country has widespread underemployment and poverty; approximately 45 percent of the population of Nicaragua lives in poverty.

  • Cardboard home

    In rural Nicaragua, typical homes are built of brick or wood with roofs made of tile, corrugated metal or thatch. This one is made of cardboard, with bricks holding down black tarps to the roof. About one-third of rural residents in Nicaragua lack access to safe sources of water, and two-thirds lack adequate sanitation. As a result, children often suffer from illnesses caused by contaminated water and an unsanitary environment.

  • Leon dump

    Men pick through trash in a dump in León, Nicaragua. Many people who live in urban areas like León are poor, working whatever jobs they can find to support their families. Some are factory workers, while others are street vendors or maids in wealthier households. Still, few urban families are able to afford regular, nutritious meals or the supplies required for children to attend school.

  • Market stand

    A woman works in a food stand that is selling tortillas. Nicaraguan food is based on corn, and a traditional meal consists of eggs or meat, beans and rice, salads of cabbage and tomatoes, tortillas and fruit. Compassion's child development programs ensure children get good nutrition, so they can grow up healthy.

  • Girl washing dishes in outside basin

    Ten-year-old Merling de los Angeles Silva Obando washes dishes outside her home in Nicaragua. Her mother is single and washes and irons clothes for money, but it isn't enough to provide for their needs. Through Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program, Merling has received medical care to treat her allergies, as well as school supplies and Christian teaching.