Child Sponsorship Testimonials

Faces of Effectiveness

Dr. Bruce Wydick and his research team made an interesting discovery during their studies of formerly sponsored children: These children were more likely than their unsponsored peers to pursue careers with a service focus, such as teaching and nursing.

Ronnie Solls, an accountant in Bolivia

Ronnie Solis gives a lot of credit to his sponsors, Michael and Lisa Silipo, for making him feel special. The couple from McKinney, Texas, sponsored him from the time he was registered as a 5-year-old at Compassion’s child development center in Cochabamba, Bolivia, until he graduated from the Child Sponsorship Program.

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Mariela Chay Sión, a schoolteacher in Guatemala

Mariela Chay Sión loves to teach, and she loves to learn. “The greatest contribution from Compassion in my life was my schooling,” says Mariela, who graduated from the Child Sponsorship Program and finished high school with a certificate to teach.

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Evans Ateku, a schoolteacher in Kenya

When his son was born in 2012, Evans Ateku surprised some of his relatives by naming the baby Albert rather than a family name. But the Kenyan father could think of no better way to honor Kristen Albert, the California woman who sponsored him when he was a child in Compassion’s program.

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