Margaret Makhoha Video

Margaret Makhoha Video
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"Children living in poverty have no voice. Their environment tells them they don't matter. Margaret Makhoha doesn't believe that lie anymore. Like many of her classmates she grew up in poverty. But she was enrolled in Compassion's Child Development Program and supported by a caring sponsor." - Wess Stafford, Compassion President Emeritus

"Our background is very humble. My father is a peasant farmer. We only depended upon tilling the land. And the food that we could produce was for consumption for the family. If it had not been for Compassion, who knows, maybe by now, I would not be what I am. I would have dropped out of school." - Margaret Makhoha

"Compassion partnered with Margaret's church in Uganda and is part of Compassion's long-term program. She received individual care from her church including spiritual growth and education that was vocational focused, relationship building and healthcare. Margaret learned about Jesus and became born again. She excelled in her studies and graduated from high school. She then was accepted into university where she earned a teaching degree." Wess Stafford, Compassion President Emeritus

"Compassion did a lot in my life. After going to school, after acquiring a degree in education, I was now able to go out for jobs to go in the job market and get a job. Then I am able to sustain my family." - Margaret Makhoha

"After working a few years, Margaret began to feel God leading her toward politics." - Wess Stafford, Compassion President Emeritus

"I had a feeling of contesting for the seat of woman Member of Parliament, in my district. So when that conviction was first strong in my heart, I said let me go and consult with the people. And they were willing to support me, to give me their votes." - Margaret Makhoha

"Margaret began campaign and was elected a female member of Parliament. God uses the powerful combination of caring sponsors, the dedication of the local church, and Compassion's commitment to children like Margaret to release children from poverty. As a result, there is no telling what each child may grow up to become." - Wess Stafford, Compassion President Emeritus