Impacts on Future Employment

Dr. Bruce Wydick explains that former Compassion sponsored children are more likely to hold salaried jobs or white-collar employment as adults than their non-sponsored peers.

Impacts on Future Employment
Video Transcript

What impact did Compassion sponsorship have on a child’s future employment opportunities?

“The baseline level of salaried employment in our data was about 36%, I think across the 6 countries. So that means at little more than a third of the people are working with a formal salary. So, that doesn’t include itinerant labor work, seasonal work - that kind of thing.

“And you figure about half of our sample are women who might not be working. They might be out of the labor force and caring for children, because they’re of that age when that’s the thing that many of them are doing.

“So, that’s the baseline. And we find about a 6 or 7 percentage point increase in salaried employment on top of that 35% or 36% baseline as a causal affect of Compassion sponsorship.”