Recommended Reading

Book recommendations all about children in poverty.

Recommended Reading

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Just a Minute

Gives simple tips and examples of how anyone can positively impact a child in just a moment and how all of us are equipped to do it.

Too Small to Ignore

This moving manifesto unveils God's heart for children and the poor while offering real-world suggestions to reach out to "the least of these.

The Locust Effect

Takes you on a journey that will change the way you see poverty and leave you with hope that we can help make the poor safe enough to thrive.


Challenges you to consider with an open heart how we have manipulated a God-centered gospel to fit our human-centered preferences.

The Skeptic's Guide to Global Poverty

Presents the reality of global poverty and explores its widespread effect on our world.

The Skeptic's Guide to the Global AIDS Crisis

Presents the reality of this devastating disease and explores its widespread effect on our world.

Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger

Challenges common perceptions of affluence and issues a strong call to Christians to love the poor.

Red Letters: Living a Faith That Bleeds

Challenges all Christians to make service to the "least of these" an integral part of their worship of Jesus Christ.

Hope Lives

Helps readers explore their commitment to helping the poor.

Fields of the Fatherless

Weaves together a powerful collection of Bible verses and stories that emphasize the biblical mandate to care for the poor and the oppressed.

A Country Far Away

This children's book tells the story of two children living on opposite sides of the world and contrasts their vastly different lifestyles.

Explorer Magazine

This kids' magazine will teach about the daily lives of other children, especially those who live in poverty.

Compassion Magazine

Compassion Magazine takes you deeper into the world of children living in poverty with powerful ways to connect, including stories, photos and videos.

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