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Poverty Cultural Night

This is a great family activity to help your children develop compassionate hearts and understand the needs facing impoverished children. It can also be used for a youth group or small group activity.

  1. Choose a country where we work to be the theme of the cultural night.
  2. Locate that country on a map or globe and talk about the length of time it would take to travel there.
  3. Set up your chairs like an airplane and "fly" to your destination for the evening. As the flight attendant, teach your "passengers" about where they are going. You may even be able to find and watch a movie or informational video relating to the country and its culture.
  4. When you "land," have each person put on clothing from that country.

A smiling Maasai man in red clothing rests his hand on his bald head

  1. Learn some common phrases in your country's language, such as greetings and counting to 10.
  2. Prepare dinner using a recipes from that country.
  3. During dinner, listen to music from that culture and discuss the culture.
  4. Talk about the different religious practices common to that culture. Then spend some time praying for Christians living in the country.
  5. Discuss what a child's day looks like in that country. How is it different from a typical day here in the United States? Talk about issues such as school, work, housing, food and water, and church.
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