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Compassion Magazine Summer 2013

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A first-of-its-kind study of child sponsorship reveals practical and psychological benefits traced directly to Compassion's child-development approach.

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From Poverty to PH.D.

Forced to quit school at age 10, Vedhanayagam Masilamani seemed destined to become a low-paid buffalo herder. But Compassion's intervention enabled the Indian boy to pursue a different kind of field.

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A Cultivated Life

With education and resources gained during 13 years in the Child Sponsorship Program, a 21-year-old formerly sponsored child Ntale David enrolled in farm school in Uganda. He is now a veterinary specialist and small business owner. He says he would be a failure if it weren't for Compassion.

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An Open Door

When Dr. Bruce Wydick, an economics professor at the University of San Francisco, approached Compassion several years ago...

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