Compassion International Launches "Compassion Sunday" Event to Change the Story for Thousands of Children

Compassion International Launches "Compassion Sunday" Event to Change the Story for Thousands of Children

By: Kate Amaya   |   Posted: April 10, 2013

Compassion International Sponsors to Host Events at Churches All Across the Country

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (April 10, 2013) – Half of the world’s children live in poverty. Without any type of intervention, they may never be able to break the hold that poverty has on their lives. On April 21, Compassion International will launch its annual Compassion Sunday campaign to change the story for thousands of these children.

Compassion Sunday is a special, annual event that allows ordinary people to embark on an extraordinary personal journey with a child living in poverty. All across the United States, thousands of people will launch individual campaigns in their churches to find sponsors for children living in poverty in the 26 countries where Compassion International works. This unique one-to-one sponsorship relationship helps to rescue children who are otherwise headed for a lifetime of suffering and provides sponsors with an experience that will deepen their faith and engage their hearts for the world’s most vulnerable children.

"Poverty is complex and exists on many levels," says Mark Hanlon, senior vice president of Compassion’s USA Group. "It affects the social, emotional, educational and spiritual lives of children all over the world. The beauty of Compassion Sunday is that anyone can promote this incredibly important cause of rescuing children from poverty."

"I’m not a pastor. I’m not an eloquent speaker. I’m a stay at home mom with three small children," said Paige Farmer, Compassion International sponsor. "If I can do Compassion Sunday, anybody can."

Compassion’s child sponsorship program offers a long-term solution to poverty that addresses four key areas of a child’s development: spiritual growth, education, relational development and health. For more information on Compassion Sunday, visit


About Compassion International

Compassion International is the world’s leading authority in child sponsorship. Compassion revolutionized the fight against global poverty by equipping the Church to develop children out of poverty to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults. It is the only child sponsorship program to be validated through independent, empirical research. Today, Compassion partners with more than 6,000 Christian churches in 26 countries to release more than 1.4 million babies, children and students from poverty in Jesus’ name. Compassion has been awarded the highest rating for financial stewardship and transparency for 12 consecutive years by Charity Navigator, America’s largest charity evaluator. For more information on the ministry, visit or follow on Twitter at @compassion.