Compassion Magazine Summer 2010

Compassion Magazine Summer 2010

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Poised to Build Haiti's Future

The word compassion means “to suffer with.” Thank you for suffering with our Haitian brothers and sisters through your tears and prayers, and being God’s hands to bless them. The quake knocked down a city but not the resilient spirit that has long characterized the Haitian people.



Featured Articles:
Responding to Needs

As the aftershocks give way, new challenges emerge for a beleaguered Haiti.

Rebuilding Haiti

A resilient network of Compassion partner churches keeps food — and optimism — flowing in Haiti.


Bruised But Not Broken

After a dramatic rescue, Ferlandie Fadius is determined to regain her footing in life.

A Family for Daniela

The Pattersons pursued an international adoption, largely because of their sponsorship experiences.