Compassion Magazine Fall 2012

Compassion Magazine Fall 2012

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In Good Hands

After 35 years with Compassion, Wess Stafford plans to retire. It's time for the next generation to take the helm of this amazing ministry. This transition rests safely in God’s hands, just as this ministry always has.



Featured Articles:
Stuff: An American Phenomenon

How channel surfing brought home a lesson on what we own.

All Heart

How sponsors, donors and Compassion church partners were moved in their hearts to help heal a little boy's broken one.

Fatao's Journey

One boy’s journey from a broken heart to a whole one.


Special Delivery

A mother’s love for an abandoned baby changes the course of both their lives.

Serious About the Underdog

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy draws from a tough childhood to help kids in need around the world.

Two Small Bracelets

Two small bracelets, one big lesson. When God tugs at your heart, that’s the moment to act.