A Message of Hope From Bangladesh

See a special message from Kajal, Compassion® Bangladesh’s Country Director, as he shares how God is continuing to work in Bangladesh. See Kajal’s hope for the country’s future – as well as how you can share in that hope.

Video Transcript:

2015, a journey of great frustration.

A journey of great troubles.

A journey of uncertainty.

A journey of pain.

But our God is an awesome God.

He has shown us the way how we can come out from the problem.

His mercies never ends, because of His mercies we were able to re-establish all the projects in Bangladesh.

Thank you for your generosity.

Thank you for being with us during this crisis period.

Please encourage your sponsor children when you write to them.

Tell them God allows difficult times in our life to make our faith stronger with Him.

As we process 2016 with our plans and the goals and objectives, we are developing new programs for the children.

Programs including spiritual, including health, education and social-economic program.

We believe through these program, children were able to understand that Compassion loves them, sponsors love them, moreover God loves them.

Please pray for the children.

Pray for their parents, the community people, as well as the local church people.

Let them have a successful journey, a faithful journey.

Because during this time, they have learned that God never fails.