Special Needs Kids

Special Needs Kids Special Needs Kids. Children living with special needs need more prayer than the rest of us. They not only live with the challenges of battling poverty every day, but they also face being physically or mentally challenged with no resources to help them with their circumstances. Children with special needs often face ridicule and humiliation and oftentimes choose not to attend school because kids make fun of them. But a child who attends a Compassion-assisted center is able to attend school with pride and dignity while also receiving the desperate help they need.

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Is that kid you or someone in your family? God cares about ALL kids and gives us some good stories in the Bible to remind us to care for others!

In the Bible there was a boy named Mephibosheth (Meh-FIB-O-sheth) who had twisted feet because he had an accident when he was 5 years old. His daddy's name was Jonathan, who happened to be King David's best friend growing up. After Jonathan died in a battle. King David cared for Mephibosheth in a very special way. Read or listen to 2 Samuel 9:1-13 to learn more, then answer these questions.

  • Why was King David so kind to Mephibosheth?
  • In what two ways did King David show him kindness?

Draw your ideas on a separate piece of paper.

Dare to Care!

Sometimes kids who have special needs look or act differently than other boys and girls. Maybe they are lonely. Can you dare to be kind to kids who need a friend? Maybe you can play a game with them, talk to them when other kids go off to play, or send a card. What are some of your ideas?

Take a prayer walk with your family. Pray for other kids in your neighborhood who might have special needs. Pray on your way to school and by the playground nearest you. Pray for the whole family that surrounds each of the kids your walk.