Sleeping Spaces

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Mortoonae sleeps on a blanket under a mosquito net. His father sleeps outside on the porch because there isn’t enough room inside the house.

Mortoonae’s father finds work wherever he can and earns about 120 baht (U.S.$3.69) per day.



Nuda lives in a dorm with 60 other girls, and they all sleep on mats. Mosquito nets divide one large room into sleeping areas. The room is hot in summer and cold in winter. Her parents earn about 120-180 baht (U.S.$3.50-$5.50) per day working on farms.

During the school year Nuda does not live with her parents because there is no school in her village. So she needs to leave home to go to school.



Antoniel lives in a tiny two-room home with his mom and stepdad, four siblings and three family friends. He sleeps in a hammock in the kitchen, which is also his bedroom.

Antoniel’s parents earn about 660 reals (U.S.$275) per month as a waitress and a metalworker.



Krishna’s whole family sleeps in a loft on a mattress covered with quilts. The family uses a ladder to climb up to the loft room. They have a TV and electricity, and they eat on the first level of their home.

Krishna’s dad makes 150 rupees (U.S.$2.40) per day as a rickshaw driver, and his mom earns 2,000 rupees (U.S.$32) per month doing housework.



Chandana sleeps on a mattress on a dirt floor with her dad and sister, while her mom and brother sleep on a cot. Because Chandana’s family could not afford blankets, her Compassion center gave them some.

Chandana’s dad earns 150 rupees (U.S.$2.40) a day as a laborer, and her mom makes 2,500 rupees (U.S.$40) a month as a house worker.