School Transportation Around the World

school transportation around the world

What is school transportation like around the world? Some kids ride school busses, but others have much more unique ways of getting to school!

Some kids in the Philippines swim across a river to get to school. Sometimes a canoe comes to get them. Once they cross the river, they walk for 45 minutes through rice fields and coconut groves. Other kids ride horses to school! What is your school transportation like? Is it similar to kids around the world? Are you thankful for your school transportation?

One way to educated children about global issues is to compare their lives to their peers who live in developing countries. Studying school transportation around the world is one interesting and tangible topic children can understand.

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Water in the Way!

A river separates kids in the village of Tabok from their school and Compassion center. For these sponsored kids, getting to school isn't as easy as a short drive. Until a few years ago, they had to swim across the Wawa River just to get to school.


Safer Than Swimming

To cross the river, now kids board a canoe made from a coconut-tree trunk. Before, students packed extra clothes to change into after swimming across. Swimming was dangerous because of the risk of drowning.


Floating Along

Mary Joy Libante, 13, likes to relax on the boat. Parents of sponsored kids paddle the boat and walk children to school or their Compassion center.


Over the River and Through the Fields

Once all the kids have crossed the river, they laugh and play on their 45-minute walk through three rice fields and a coconut grove, down a rough road, and over a paved highway. Adults help the children get across the highway.


Time to Learn!

At the center, sponsored kids can kick off their shoes and start learning, playing, eating, reading letters from their sponsors, and hearing Bible stories. This makes their journey worth it!

Our Journey to School