Making Paper Flowers

making paper flowers

These beautiful paper flowers will make a great gift for someone special. Making paper flowers is an easy craft idea for kids. You will need 6 more pieces of tissue paper, scissors, and string. Follow the easy instructions for making paper flowers and you’ll end up with a colorful display.

As a family, you can deliver your paper flower bouquets to a local nursing home, a lonely neighbor, a special teacher, or someone who is loved by your family.

Making paper flowers is a kid-friendly craft and one that will make a lasting impression.

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Let Friendship Bloom


You can reuse colorful tissue paper to make these flowers. Consider giving them away to show kindness to someone.

  • 6 or more pieces of tissue paper
  • kid-safe scissors
  • 1 string, about 4 inches long


  1. Stack at least 6 sheets of tissue paper.
  2. Fold accordion style in 1-inch pleats lengthwise.
  3. Tie string around the middle of the tissue strip.
  4. Cut ends of the strip. Rounded edges will make round petals, and pointed edges will make pointy petals.
  5. To open the flower, gently pull layers of tissue toward the center, one at a time.

More options: For a hanging flower, use a long ribbon in place of string. To add a stem, use a pipe cleaner in place of the string.