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welcome to my world

My Morning
Ian lives with his 6-year-old sister, Tava, and their parents in Colorado. On school days, he eats breakfast and chooses the clothes he wants to wear. Then he brushes his teeth. He checks his watch to make sure he brushes for two minutes — and to make sure he isn’t late for school!


Mi Mañana
Thousands of miles away in the Dominican Republic, Alexander lives with his brother, Angel, sister, Erica, and their mom. Alexander wakes up in the bed he shares with Angel and Erica. He brushes his teeth at a sink in his backyard, careful not to swallow any water because it contains germs. Alexander’s mom doesn’t make enough money to meet his needs, so Ian’s family sponsors him through Compassion!


My Trip to School
Ian and Tava’s mom teaches them in a classroom at their house. But once a week, they join other home-schooled kids at a school building. On those days, their mom drives them there. It takes about 15 minutes. She drops them off in front of the school.

Mi Viaje a la Escuela
After getting dressed in his uniform, Alexander walks to school. His mom can’t afford a car, but the walk takes only about 10 minutes. Compassion sponsors help pay for uniforms and school supplies for kids whose parents can’t afford them.


My Class
Ian likes learning in his classrooms. His favorite school subjects are science and history. He wants to be a locksmith when he grows up.

Mi Clase
Alexander’s classroom at public school doesn’t have air conditioning and can get hot. But the classroom looks a lot like Ian’s. Alexander’s favorite subject is math, and he wants to be an architect or professional baseball player when he grows up.


My Meal
Ian and Tava, who packed their own lunch boxes, sit down to eat. Ian is having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, grapes, cucumbers and water. Students can also buy lunch at the cafeteria. They can choose from a yogurt parfait, milk or apple juice, a salad bar or graham crackers.

Mi Comida
After school, Alexander walks a few minutes to his Compassion center for a nutritious meal, playtime and more learning. Today’s meal at the center is mashed potatoes with scrambled eggs on top. The meal is important since some kids in this neighborhood go hungry at night because their families cannot afford enough food.


My Hobby
After school, Ian and Tava enjoy riding bikes around their neighborhood. It’s a great way to work up an appetite before dinner. They also like playing with their pet turtles, Tommy and Klein, in their grassy backyard.

Mi Pasatiempo
Alexander’s favorite hobby is baseball. Many families in Alexander’s neighborhood can’t afford toys or sports equipment. So Alexander and his friends use a board as a bat and a plastic bottle filled with rocks as a ball. Baseball is the most popular sport in the Dominican Republic, and these kids really know how to play!


Our First Meeting / Nuestra Primera Reunion
Ian and Alexander have been writing letters to each other for five years. Last summer, Ian and his family went to the Dominican Republic to meet Alexander! After a happy hug, the boys ask each other questions. Alexander speaks only Spanish, but a translator helps them communicate. Alexander is excited to show Ian what his life is like.

Our Baseball Game / Nuestro Juego de Béisbol
Alexander shows Ian how to play baseball using his homemade ball and bat. It takes Ian a few minutes to get the hang of it. But soon the friends are batting it out of the yard!


Our Memories / Nuestras Memorias
Ian’s and Alexander’s families are sad to say goodbye. But they will always have the memories of their special time together. Ian will keep writing letters to Alexander. And he knows Alexander will write him back. This is a friendship that will last no matter how far apart they are.