How to Make Candles

how to make candles

Learn how to make candles through these detailed instructions. You will need scissors, wick or cotton string, wax, baby bottle, and 4 cups of water.

While making candles with your children explain that in many areas of the world, people don’t have electricity in their homes. The children and adults make candles so they can see once it gets dark. Discuss electricity and how your lives would be different if your home didn’t have electricity. What activities would your children miss? What would be difficult to do?

Crafts are a great way to teach children about poverty and other global issues. You will find many more educational crafts here in our kids’ magazine.

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Little Light of Mine


Many kids in developing countries don’t have electricity. Candles can help these kids read and find their way in the dark. Try making your own candle!

Adult help needed.

  • scissors
  • wick or cotton string
  • wax (use melted wax from old candles or buy wax at craft store)
  • baby bottle or other plastic bottle with wide opening
  • 4 c. water


  1. Cut the wick so that it’s at least 4" longer than the bottle.
  2. Fill the plastic bottle almost all the way to the top with pieces of wax.
  3. Bring water to boil in a large pot. Place the bottle of wax in the water. When the wax has melted, place the bottle on your work surface.
  4. Lower the wick all but about 4" into the wax. Remove, count to 5, dip again.
  5. Repeat until you’re happy with how your candle looks.
  6. Hang the candle by its wick and let it dry at least 3 hours. Then trim the wick to about a half-inch long.
Step 4