Happy with Less

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These Compassion-sponsored kids don't need a lot of toys to be happy or have fun. Here are some of their favorites. Are these similar to yours?



Eric loves to borrow his friend’s bike. He hopes to save up enough money to buy his own bike someday.

About Eric’s Family

Eric’s father does small jobs and earns 15,000 francs a month (about U.S.$22). His mother is learning how to sew and soon hopes to make some money sewing.



Martha’s favorite toy is a stuffed monkey that her aunt gave to her. “I always carry this monkey doll with me,” she says. “Sometimes I put her on my shoulder!”

About Martha’s Family

Martha’s father is a pastor at a church in her village. He earns 4,000 taka (about U.S.$52 per month), and her mother cares for her at home.



Jose’s favorite toy is a homemade squirt gun. To make squirt guns, he collects empty water bottles at a grocery store near his house and uses a neighbor’s faucet to fill them up, since he doesn’t have water in his house.

About Jose’s Family

Jose’s dad sells items on the street, and his mom washes and irons clothes.



Somuel’s favorite toy is a stuffed elephant. It means a lot to him because his older sister, Mispi, gave it to him. Mispi’s sponsor sent money to her Compassion center, and she used it to buy Somuel the elephant. Somuel’s parents have never been able to afford toys for him or his sister.

About Somuel’s Family

Somuel’s father works in a tea garden and earns 60 taka a day (about U.S.77 cents). His mother stays home to take care of him.



Mery’s favorite toy is a tea set her mother gave her for her birthday. Mery likes to play house with it. She puts stones and dirt on the toy dishes and pretends she’s eating with her friends.

About Mery’s Family

Mery’s parents make a small amount of money selling items on the streets.