Child Poverty

Child Poverty

Child Poverty. Child poverty is a global pandemic that impacts millions of children. The impact of poverty on children has far reaching implications.

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These kids were teased — just because they are different — but their kind friends helped them.


Andrea has hydrocephalus [hi-droe-SEF-uh-luhs]. It is a condition that causes water to form on her brain. Her parents could not afford to take her to the doctor, so she couldn't have an operation and now doctors say it's too late for surgery.

Even though Andrea can't walk, she can speak and she does great in school. Andrea used to cry when people stared or laughed at her. But her friends at Compassion encourage her. Now she just ignores people who are mean.


Pray that Andrea will have enough strength to lift up her head. 


Joshua has a cleft lip and cannot speak clearly. At first he didn't want to play with kids at his Compassion center. He was afraid they would make fun of him like other people usually do. But the children weren't mean and asked to be his friend. Joshua now likes to play with them and says he feels accepted.


Compassion is working to set up Joshua's surgery. Pray that it will go well. 



Ebenezer couldn't walk because his legs were twisted. His family couldn't afford a wheelchair, so they carried him everywhere. With Compassion's help, Ebenezer had surgery on one of his legs, and now he walks on his own with crutches. Soon, Ebenezer will have surgery on his other leg and will be able to walk without any crutches. Ebenezer hopes he will be able to play soccer with his friends someday soon!


Pray that Ebenezer’s second surgery will go well. 


Richard was born with a bent back. He used to cry a lot. He says, "Almost everybody used to insult me. Nobody wanted to play with me. They would push me away. They even said that I would infest them with a hunch. It was very hurtful." When Richard came to Compassion’s center he felt better because the pastor made him a choir director and the captain of the soccer team!


Richard wants to be a pastor when he grows up so he can help others, too. Pray that God will use Richard for His glory. 


Even as he grew up, Kofi* had to wear diapers and needed surgery. Since his parents couldn’t afford the surgery, Kofi hid in his house most of the time and didn’t even go to school. Whenever he went outside, he says, "All the other children were calling me names anytime I went near them to play with them. They called me a leaking barrel, a baby diaper, and they even told me that I stunk so I should not come near them. I left them and went home. Most times I cried."

Kofi’s parents were always there for him, and when he entered Compassion’s program, he went to India to have surgery. He is healed now and goes to school. His sponsor even came to visit him. She brought him a soccer ball that he and his friends play with!


"I want God to bless my sponsor always … and I want God to help me grow and become a computer programmer and a pastor." 

*Name changed for privacy.



Here are some reasons why kids in the developing world can't always get help.

No Money

Many parents do not have enough money to take their children to a hospital.

No Equipment

Most hospitals do not have the medical tools to operate on children, and there aren't many wheelchairs and crutches for people who need them.