Kids Games

kids games

Kids’ games can be created with the items in your home. Children in other countries collect household items or trash and then create their own games with them. You can too! Maybe you have 7 lids from soda cartons or 14 small pebbles you found in the yard. What game can you create? Use your imagination and see what you invent!

Many children around the world don’t have money to buy games at the store, so they invent their own. Sometimes they use natural things like branches, rocks, and fruit seeds. Be creative! Which new kids’ games can you invent today?

When kids create their own games, they learn to appreciate all they have—toys, games, food, etc. Expand your child’s compassion for the poor and help him understand the reality of poverty in our world today. One way to do that is through inventing their own kids’ games!

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Ready, Set, Go!

Bottle Cap Memory Game


Children in other countries often collect items to play games. You can, too! Collect plastic caps and gather items from nature to create a fun memory game to play with friends.

  • 16 recycled plastic bottle caps all the same size and color (don’t use clear caps)
  • glue
  • 4 small stones
  • a handful of sand or dirt
  • 4 small leaves
  • 4 small twigs


  1. Put it together
    Apply glue to the inside of each bottle cap. Fill 4 caps with stones, 4 caps with dirt or sand, 4 caps with leaves, and 4 caps with twigs. Wait for the glue to dry.
  2. Play the game
    Turn the caps over so the insides are hidden. Mix them up and spread them out, making 4 rows with 4 caps in each row. When it’s your turn, turn over 2 caps. If they match, leave them turned over and pick 2 more to turn over. If they don’t match, turn them all back over and let your opponent take a turn. The first one to have 4 matching bottle caps turned over is the winner!