Kids Around the World

kids around the world

Kids around the world have different daily lives than yours. Have you ever thought about what it is like to go to school around the world? You’ll learn what school is like in many countries.

  • In India, you might learn how to make dolls from coconuts!
  • In the Philippines, school runs for 10 months.
  • In Thailand, kids eat egg soup or fried chicken for lunch.
  • In Kenya, students learn both English and Kiswahili!
  • In Tanzania, some students go to Muslim school in the afternoons.
  • In Nicaragua, school gets out at noon and kids go home to eat lunch.
  • In Ghana, students wash dishes at school.
  • In Indonesia, kids start the day by cleaning and doing exercises.

When children learn about other kids around the world, they gain an appreciation for geography and global issues like poverty.

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If you to school in Andhar Pradesh, India, you might learn how to make dolls from coconuts.


Because Kenya has two official languages, English and Kiswahili, school children in Nairobi must learn both!


On the way to school, children in Ghana stop to buy hot corn cereal for breakfast. Once they get to school, they sweep and wash their dishes from the day before.


Children in the Philippines go to school for 10 months! April and May are vacation months. Those are also the hottest months of the year.


Many students in Tanzania go to Muslim school in the afternoon then wash their school uniforms for the next day.


Before school begins each morning, students in Indonesia sweep their dusty playgrounds, have exercises, then begin classes.


At lunchtime many Thai students eat egg noodle soup or fried chicken and rice.


School starts in the morning and gets out at noon. Students go home to eat lunch, which might be chicken and rice soup.