Kids' Activities

kids activities

Kids’ activities can be more than a new video game or a trip to the local theme park! Kids’ activities can be educational and provide life-changing impact. In this magazine, we’re sharing activities that kids do around the world and using them as teaching tools.

Some of the activities focus on cultures unfamiliar to many kids. For example, children will learn about Tanzania and compare how the kids in that country are different from those who live in your hometown. As you talk about the similarities and differences, use the activity to education your children about poverty and other global issues.

Another one of the kids’ activities is a Haitian fable about a dog and cat. Your children will learn how kids in other countries play and have fun… all while having fun themselves!

Let your kids’ activities be fun and educational!

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More Games

Tricky Trail link
Tricky Trail

Print out this board game to see what a normal day is like for kids in Uganda.

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Inner Artist link
Your Inner Artist

Print out and take this quiz to find your artistic style.

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Left Out link
Open House

Search for hidden items inside the two homes!

Play the game >>

Left Out link
Guardians of Grainsberry

In this game, collect supplies to make food, clothes and shelter!

Play the game >>

Left Out link
Left Out

Can you find five kids in this picture who might feel left out?

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Left Out link
A Summer that Matters

Make the most of this summer! There are people to help, verses to memorize, and cultures to explore! Here are ideas.

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Kid's Game: Chasing the Dream
Chasing the Dream

Think about your hopes and dreams while you do these two fun activities.

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Colombian Code Cracker

Let’s see what Luis does after school in Colombia!

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Food "A-Cross" the World

How much do you know about meals in other countries?

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Are You a Team Player?

Take this quiz to find out if you’re a positive teammate.

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A Stroll Through Chennai

Help Rani get from home to her Compassion center in time for a cricket game.

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Fill in the Fable

Print out this story, then have a friend call out silly words to fill in the blanks!

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Make Summer Count!

A printable calendar packed with ideas will keep you entertained and growing all season long.

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Same Difference: Search and Find

Can you find the hidden pictures in a busy scene from Tanzania?

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Adventure Awaits

Print out fun puzzles, a coloring page and stationery for writing to a friend.

Your kids will enjoy doing these coloring pages and fun puzzles together >>

Truly Treasured

True treasures are those things we do for others to show them Jesus’ love.

Here are some ideas for how you can discover true treasures.

Get the Ball Rolling!

These fun games from around the world will keep you on your toes!

Try these fun international games with your kids >

Walking in Wisdom Quiz

Make your way through the maze while collecting wisdom and avoiding bullies.

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Health Matters

Dangers to health lurk everywhere in developing countries. Thanks to sponsors, Compassion teaches kids how to avoid sickness.

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School Days

See if you can fill in the blanks about Alanyu's school day in Uganda, a country in East Africa.

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peru picture puzzle
Picture Puzzle: Life in Lima, Peru

Print out this picture puzzle to see how Paola gets to her Compassion center!

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a lion
Safari Puzzler

Do you know the names of different groups of African animals? For example, a group of leopards is called a leap.

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