Child Survival Program

Indonesia — Southeast Asia

Ruhama is a farming community in Indonesia. Children are often neglected or left at home alone while their parents work in the fields. In the CSP, mothers are taught income-generating skills so they can stay home with their children and still provide for their family.

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This is Jein and her wonderful two-year old daughter, Leonita.

When Aprusina’s son, Marcho, was born with a severe leg deformity, she was confused. She had no money and was unable to pay for medical treatment. Her husband was making as much money as possible during banana harvest, but it wasn’t enough to allow for medical treatment. Through help and education from the CSP, Marcho is receiving medical treatment and Aprusina hopes he will be able to walk soon.

"I hope my children will have a better future and become good people. I hope they respect their parents and become a blessing for the community and church."

Life For Moms and Newborns in Asia

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