Modjo Meserete Kritos Church
Child Survival Program

Ethiopia — Sub-Sahara Africa

The needs are critical for children living in Modjo. The infant mortality rates are high and many mothers need education, food and shelter. Through the CSP, the mothers learn about healthy pregnancies, safe deliveries, and how to care for their babies.

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You will help moms and babies in Ethiopia begin building a better life together.

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Aden, who is just a teenager, found herself and her child malnourished. The CSP provided essential help. She is now teaching mothers in her neighborhood about hygiene, mental health, and how to care for their babies.

"Since I joined the CSP, I have become a better mother to my child. They are helping me face the challenges of life by supporting me with the basic necessities my baby needs including food, clothing and medical treatment. My life has changed and I praise God’s name."

Life For Moms and Newborns in Africa

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