How Your Support Helps

Child Survival Program

Rescue Babies & Mothers

How Your Support Helps

When you support the Child Survival Program, your charity donation helps Compassion’s local partners reduce infant and child mortality and encourage hope by:

• Preventing illness. Regular prenatal and postnatal checkups contribute greatly to healthy births. Regular doctor visits and immunizations also keep infants healthy and happy.

• Giving children a healthy start. Nutritious food staples and supplements help children grow and stay strong.

• Providing training. Teaching mothers and caregivers how to properly stimulate their children mentally and physically improves the child’s socioemotional skills and cognitive development.

• Empowering mothers and caregivers. Infant development and safety, nutrition, literacy and job-skills are just a few of the topics the Child Survival Program training includes.

• Offering spiritual nurturing. Mothers establish relationships with Christian Survival Specialists through regular home visits. They also build relationships and a community of faith with other women through local group meetings.

• Ministering to the whole family. When possible, fathers and other family members in the home are included in training to help build a stable, secure environment for the child.

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