Child Survival Program

Ecuador — South America

The community of Gonzalo Chávez is full of families that live in poverty. The average monthly income of these families is below the minimum basic salary. They often lack essential elements like food, safe drinking water and adequate health care.

For Only $20 A Month

You will help moms and babies in Ecuador begin building a better life together.

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Juana recently lost her husband when he was killed in a fishing accident. She is now raising her children as a single mother.

"Juana felt lonely and sad. She didn’t know what to do with her children and how to support her family. The CSP supports her through home visits, where she receives comfort and any help she needs. Juana has given her life to Christ and tells us that Jesus filled her heart with happiness and peace."
 — Margarita, Fe CSP staff

Life For Moms and Newborns in South America

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