Columna y Baluarte
Child Survival Program

El Salvador — Central America

The community of Santa Maria Ostuma has a high level of poverty, including incomplete health services, malnutrition, and low education levels. Columna y Baluarte CSP is training mothers how to combat these threats and raise healthy happy children.

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You will help moms and babies in El Salvador begin building a better life together.

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During the rainy season in Santa Maria Ostuma many mosquitoes invade the area, increasing the threat for dengue fever.

Maria Elena and her son Lisandro received a mosquito net for the baby’s cradle. This will protect him from mosquitos and the threat of dengue fever.

Maria Elena also receives instruction on caring for Lisandro and is encouraged to attend Bible studies with other local moms.

"Our program has the purpose for all moms to get to know the Word of God.” — CSP Facilitator

Life For Moms and Newborns in Central America

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