Child Survival Program

Ecuador — South America

The economic level of people in the Las Brisas community is very low and many children suffer from malnutrition. The Betania Child Survival Program is the only program that contributes to the integral development of children under 5 years old.

For Only $20 A Month

You will help moms and babies in Ecuador begin building a better life together.

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Thanks to the training she received, Tania began to save a little money each week. Over time, she purchased notebooks, pencils, and pens to be sold at her new home business. Now she is able to help provide for her family.

Before joining the CSP, Tania’s daughter suffered from malnutrition. Now that Tania has learned about nutrition, her daughter has gained weight and her height and weight are perfect for her age.

"Pray that the little children grow up with love and know about Jesus.”
 — Lucia, Betania CSP staff

Life For Moms and Newborns in South America

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