Child Visitation Guidelines

Individual and Custom Visit Guidelines

In order to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience, we have established the following visit guidelines. Thank you for taking the time to review them.

If you have any questions about the visit guidelines, please contact us.

If we believe any of these guidelines have been broken, whether deliberately or inadvertently, we may, in our sole and exclusive discretion, cancel or immediately terminate the visit.

A background check is required for all adult visitors (18 and older).
  • In accordance with our Commitment to Child Protection, we require a background check for all adult visitors (18 and older) who are meeting any beneficiary of a ministry program.

    This includes arrangements to meet any sponsored child or Leadership Development Program student; this also includes arrangements to visit a Compassion student center or Child Survival Program.

    Each adult visitor will be responsible for payment of the $40 nonrefundable, non-tax-deductible fee, as well as submitting the information to our third-party vendor, ScreeningONE.

    Instructions for the background check will be provided upon registration for a visit.

The visit request form should be completed eight weeks prior to your visit date.
  • We strongly recommend that you complete a visit request with at least eight weeks advance notice prior to your visit date. Visit requests with less than eight weeks advance notice will be considered on a case by case basis, and approvals are limited.

    Visits are limited to a single day, averaging 2-6 hours, and are arranged Monday through Friday, during regular business hours.

  • We will contact the local field office of the country you are traveling to in order to make the arrangements for your visit day.

    When your visit has been approved and the details are confirmed, we will provide you with contact information for your in-country visit host.

You are responsible for all expenses associated with your visit.
  • You are responsible for all expenses that are incurred during the planning and execution of a visit. We will notify you of any expenses that need to be paid prior to the visit, and any expenses that need to be covered during the visit.

    Please review our Visit Expense Policy for more information.

You are responsible for your travel and accommodation arrangements.
  • You are responsible for making all international travel and accommodation arrangements at your own expense. We will not be responsible for any activities at any time other than the scheduled visit.
  • You should not seek or accept accommodations at the Compassion student center or church partner, with the family of any sponsored child or student, at a staff member’s home, or with a member of the community. Overnight stays are strictly prohibited.
During your visit ...
  • A Compassion representative will accompany you at all times during the visit. This person will act as an interpreter, or a contracted translator will be hired to facilitate the visit. You will not, at any time, meet with a sponsored child or student without the presence of a Compassion staff member or assigned host.
  • Please show respect to Compassion staff, children, students, families and communities that you meet and take into consideration the cultural sensitivities of the country. Specifically, do not engage in any behavior which could reasonably be interpreted as flirtatious, unwelcome or sexual in any manner.
  • We are not responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the visit. You will be required to sign an Individual Visit Consent Form prior to travel. The Consent Form will be provided upon registration for a visit.
  • The sponsored child or student you meet has family/parents/guardians of his/her own. Please respect and adhere to the boundaries of the relationship with the beneficiary and not interfere with parenting matters that do not impact the health, safety or welfare of the beneficiary.
You agree to comply with our regular correspondence process and channel all communication through our ministry.
  • You should not give any personal contact information to a sponsored child or student, and should not ask for or record a child or student’s contact information.
  • You should not, under any circumstances, pursue or respond to communications with a sponsored child or student through Facebook or other social networking sites
  • All gifts intended for a sponsored child or student, their family, or the community, will be in accordance with our gift policies. You should not give cash directly to the student center staff, Compassion staff, the child or student, or their family.
Contact Custom Visits

Please call (800) 336-7542, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MT, or send an e-mail to