Compassion Sunday - You can release children from poverty!

Host a Compassion Sunday event at your church! You’ll join thousands of other sponsors in churches across the country who are transforming the lives of children in need. You will share your story of how sponsoring a child has impacted your life and encourage your church to join with you.

So many children in need. Only one you. And that’s exactly why this works. In less than an hour, on just one day, you can make an eternal impact. Host Compassion Sunday at your church and become a vital part of the nationwide movement that's releasing children from poverty around the world.

Ready to change more lives? Compassion Sunday helps you help kids. Your voice is the one that will connect more children with more sponsors. Which leads to more hope and more joy. And it's easy. Say "YES!" to releasing more children from poverty in Jesus' name.

Compassion Sunday