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Weeks of heavy rain has caused mudslides and flooding in Managua, Nicaragua. More than 50 children and their families from NI-109, NI-127, NI-134, NI-245, NI-247, NI-250, and NI-251 were affected.

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Heavy rains and flooding impacted Managua and other areas of Nicaragua. At this time the homes of eight children from NI-207 were flooded.
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On April 10, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred near Managua, Nicaragua.

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Compassion Nicaragua has provided more information about the recent dengue fever outbreak there.

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Compassion Nicaragua has provided more information about the dengue fever outbreak that is continuing in their country.

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Compassion Nicaragua has provided more information about the dengue fever outbreak in their country.

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Since the beginning of July, Nicaragua has been experiencing an outbreak of dengue fever.

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The San Cristobal volcano began to erupt on September 8, 2012, in the Chinandega area of Nicaragua.

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Heavy rains occurred near Managua, Nicaragua, on June 5, 2012, destroying a bridge located near the community where the NI-148 child development center is located.