tag:compassion.com,2011-06-09:5-48734 Ghana News 2014-12-30T15:05:22.11-07:00 Compassion International Advisory: Heavy Rains and Flooding in Sri Lanka tag:compassion.com,2015-32-09:5-101780 2015-11-23T13:32:25-07:00 2015-11-09T13:32:02-07:00
More than 600 children and their families have been affected by heavy rains and flooding in Sri Lanka.
Advisory: Typhoon Koppu Hits the Philippines tag:compassion.com,2015-33-20:5-101256 2015-10-27T18:39:36-06:00 2015-10-20T13:33:05-06:00

Typhoon Koppu hit the west coast of the Philippines, causing widespread power outages and flooding. Over 400 beneficiaries and their families have been impacted.

Advisory: Heavy Rains and Wind in India tag:compassion.com,2015-00-15:5-101258 2015-10-15T17:00:00-06:00 2015-10-15T17:00:00-06:00

A storm carrying strong winds and heavy rain passed over the west coast of India. 17 beneficiaries from IN-876 were impacted with damage to their homes.

Advisory: Flooding in Haiti tag:compassion.com,2015-01-06:5-101082 2015-11-19T17:01:18-07:00 2015-10-06T17:01:15-06:00

The northwest region of Haiti, near Jean Rabel received heavy rain and flooding. Student centers HA-108, HA-226, HA-232, HA-234, HA-287, HA-397, HA-756, HA-757, and HA-760 have been affected.

Advisory: Water Contamination in Ecuador tag:compassion.com,2015-27-23:5-97053 2015-07-23T12:27:55-06:00 2015-07-23T12:27:52-06:00

Recently the Tumaco aqueduct was contaminated when a guerrilla group attacked the Trans-Andean crude oil pipeline in Colombia, causing it to break and spill into the Mira river.

390 beneficiaries from student center EC-700 were impacted.

Advisory: Fire in Butuan City, Philippines tag:compassion.com,2015-53-23:5-97071 2015-07-28T14:53:12-06:00 2015-07-23T14:53:08-06:00

A fire broke out in a community in Butuan City, Philippines on the north side of Mindanao Island. Fifteen beneficiaries have been impacted at this time.

Advisory: Landslide in East India tag:compassion.com,2015-50-10:5-97049 2015-07-22T13:50:35-06:00 2015-07-10T13:50:21-06:00

Heavy rains caused a landslide in the hills of Kalimpong and Mirik in North Bengal, India. Children from student centers EI-173 and EI-179 were impacted.

Advisory: Landslide in Ecuador tag:compassion.com,2015-33-01:5-96894 2015-07-01T14:33:46-06:00 2015-07-01T14:33:35-06:00

A landslide occurred in Oyacachi, Ecuador that impacted around 200 people. 28 beneficiaries from EC-477 lost their homes and personal belongings.

Advisory: Heavy Rains in Nicaragua June 2015 tag:compassion.com,2015-56-19:5-96896 2015-06-19T14:56:47-06:00 2015-06-19T14:56:34-06:00

Heavy rain fell in areas around Managua, Nicaragua. The rain caused widespread damage to homes and property and 71 beneficiaries have been impacted.

Advisory: Flooding in Ghana June 2015 tag:compassion.com,2015-54-15:5-96579 2015-06-17T13:54:43-06:00 2015-06-15T13:54:31-06:00

Flooding recently impacted the country of Ghana. 176 beneficiaries are currently impacted and many have sustained damage to their homes.

Advisory: Fire in the Philippines tag:compassion.com,2015-11-04:5-96384 2015-06-04T13:11:58-06:00 2015-06-04T13:11:51-06:00

4,000 homes were recently destroyed in a fire that hit Pagadian City. A total of 50 beneficiaries from PH-874 lost their homes.

Advisory: Strong Windstorm in Thailand tag:compassion.com,2015-19-13:5-95921 2015-05-13T14:19:29-06:00 2015-05-13T14:19:26-06:00
A strong windstorm blew through northern Thailand, damaging several buildings and homes. Six beneficiaries from TH-104 were impacted.
Advisory: Strong Winds in Thailand tag:compassion.com,2015-35-29:5-95434 2015-04-29T14:35:30-06:00 2015-04-29T14:35:26-06:00

Recently, a powerful storm with strong winds and rain caused damage to structures in Northern Thailand. At this time 13 children from student center TH-607 have been impacted.

Advisory: Strong Winds in East India tag:compassion.com,2015-11-29:5-95439 2015-05-07T12:49:37-06:00 2015-04-29T15:11:39-06:00

Recently, a powerful storm with strong winds and rain destroyed many homes and crops in several districts around Bihar. A total of 39 children from student centers EI-185, EI-302,
and EI-303 have been affected.

Advisory: Landslide in Peru tag:compassion.com,2015-20-31:5-94000 2015-03-31T15:20:19-06:00 2015-03-31T15:20:13-06:00
Recently, heavy rains caused a landslide on the east side of Lima, Peru, near the Andes mountains. The church building of student center PE-234 was affected, and 53 beneficiaries from PE-148 and PE-234 lost household items.