Uganda Easter

Uganda Easter

By: By Daisy Asiimwe, Compassion Uganda Communications Specialist   |   Posted: April 22, 2003

Children attending the Gaba Child Development Center (UG-501) enjoy a special Easter treat: a picnic at a lakeside beach resort in Kampala, Uganda.

Easter in Uganda is not as widely celebrated as Christmas. Even so, the holiday holds a special place in the heart of Ugandan Christians.

You can always tell when Easter is close at hand. First, one or two radio stations will begin to play the occasional Easter hymn, the number increasing as the Easter weekend draws near.

Next come the Easter cards, displayed at every stationery shop and grocery store across the country. During the Lenten season, many churches make final plans to ensure that their Easter celebrations are special.

On Palm Sunday, vendors sell palm fronds to city churchgoers. And children supply palm branches to their friends and parents in rural villages.

Compassion children enjoy celebrating the Easter season. Many who attend Uganda's Compassion projects participate in activities that include Easter plays and concerts in their churches. Sometimes, the children are given a special treat when the project staff workers take them out for an Easter picnic.

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